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Neve Bowen tackles abusive relationships on new single 'Haunting Sound Of Love'

After emerging earlier this year with her captivating initial efforts 'Deep Blue Ocean' and 'Song For Anna', 19-year-old singer-songwriter Neve Bowen quickly established herself as an advocate for mental health challenges. Dealing with subject matter such as depression, body-dysmorphia, and anxiety, she is looking to continue her thought-provoking direction with her latest single 'Haunting Sound Of Love', a track that tackles abusive relationships.

While its lyrics are extremely provocative and make for a wonderfully alluring listen, the general tone of 'Haunting Sound Of Love' is a beautifully warm and wistful affair. Stripping-back much of the production to reveal little more than an acoustic guitar and her sublime voice throughout, she is continuing to prove herself as one of the more emotive names on the rise right now.

Although this marks her most tender and intimate outing to date, 'Haunting Sound Of Love' could go down as her most captivating outing so far. With such a forward-thinking approach to both her sound and songwriting throughout this new delight, she is setting herself up as a true innovator on the new music scene today.

Enjoy 'Haunting Sound Of Love' below.



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