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New Album: Shoffy - '...Onward'

Having spent the past few years developing a passionate fan base and racking up millions of streams, today sees the release of ...Onward

With millions of streams and an avid fan base, LA based artist, Shoffy, releases '...Onward', his new album. An excellent showcase of Shoffy's warmning vocals and captivating beats, this project serves as further evidence of Shoffy's diversity as an artist. From the seamless flows of 'Nightmares in NYC' to the sunny swagger of 'Gonna Be Alright', there's something for everyone on this creative collection of tracks.

Shoffy in his own words about the album:

"this album came together in the last several months. I wrote and produced it, and the music is a collection of my favorite genres, sounds, melodies, and lyrical themes. I recorded it in my home studio in LA, and have one collab with my friend Sidizen King. I made this album for all my fans out there who like my music, and made it for myself because I love to create, and put new songs out in the world. It’s a pretty cathartic and cool journey. The whole project is a collection of what I love both sonically and visually. I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with David Dutton on some of the visuals, he directed Nightmares In NYC and did all the incredible paintings along with his brother."



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