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New Music: Barron - 'Feel Love'

EDM artist Barron (Harrison Barron) has just dropped his vibrant new dance track 'Feel Love'. The new track flaunts a euphoric soundscape, carefully crafted by Barron with passionate vocals and a sleek production.

When asking Barron to tell us more about the track, he share:

'Feel Love' is a unique track for me in that it's more upbeat and danceable than my previous releases. It could definitely be classified as a house track which is a genre I don't normally write, but I enjoyed the experience of meshing my more euphoric/melodic sound with a style that you would normally hear at a night out at a bar or club. It definitely opened up a world to me that I plan to revisit again in the future.”

'Feel Love' is Barron's third single release since his debut earlier this year. As a relatively new artist on the block, Barron is already making waves with his uplifting and nostalgia-fuelled sound.

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