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Brand New Music Video For The Hideaways

Having unveiled their latest raucous release earlier this month, The Hideaways are back with their brand new music video for 'You're Everything'.

Matching the psychedelic wonder of the original track with equally mind-bending visuals, The Hideaways have created an insanely dramatic and immersive music video. It's hard to take your eyes of unusual imagery as it whisks you away into another realm entirely, building with the hectic and bewitching soundscape.

Vocalist Danny explained their sonic idea's and influences when recording 'You're Everything': “It's the most electronic song we've recorded so far. We've flirted with that side of things before but with 'You're Everything' we really wanted to lean into it and get all glitchy and frantic.” A creative feat that they not only achieved within the track itself but that they also managed to capture within the music video.

It is very easy to loose yourself entirely in the tight focused world that they have created, hitting the replay button again and again and each time noticing a new detail in the micro-world that you have previously missed. Endlessly energetic and daringly dynamic The Hideaways have proved themselves to be one of the most thrilling bands out there.

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