• Ami Row

New Release: BARRON - 'Escape'

EDM artist BARRON has returned with his sophomore release 'Escape'. The Nashville-based artist perfectly captures the calmness of a sunny afternoon with the captivating offering.

'Escape' opens with ambient synths, setting a calming ambience for the track. The track goes on to embrace an energetic rhythm and sun-soaked guitars, overall creating a sense of optimism.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track, BARRON shares:

‘Escape’ is a song I wrote with the intention of being a feel good track. When I listen to it I picture people playing it while riding down a backroad or a coastal highway with the windows down. It just has a “get outside and go do something in the sun” type of vibe. The guitar element is probably one of my favorite elements of the song and I plan to incorporate it a lot more into my future tracks.”

We can't wait to hear more from BARRON as he continues to establish his own unique sound.

Check out 'Escape' now:

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