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New Release: Ki-Jung's Dark Alternative-Pop Offering 'Crystal Light'

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Ki-Jung has released his alternative-pop track ‘Crystal Light’. Working with his writing and recording partner and assembling a world-class crew of musicians, Ki-Jung has produced a haunting track with futuristic soundscapes.

The intro to the track builds anticipation with soft synths and paced piano chords. Ki-Jungs vocals flow effortlessly over the beat of the chorus, layered with subtle and sublime harmonies. This power ballad keeps the listener engaged through its unique dynamics while telling the story of an intense love affair.

Listen to ‘Crystal Light’:

"My music chronicles my life down to the romances, the thrills, the disappointments and the times that required sheer grit to get through. I love people and music is the gift I received and that which I return to people from around the world who take their love of life from music.” - Ki-Jung

Inspired mostly by singer-songwriters who live their art such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Hall & Oates, Sarah McLachlan, Ki-Jung wants to be true to the craft of songwriting, to write songs that transport listeners to a place of dialogue that conveys the sincerity of his emotions.

Exploding onto the pop music scene with sheer force, Ki-Jung's music has enjoyed great success on playlists on Spotify, already generating more than nearly half a million total streams.

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