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New Release: Riiiiko - 'Get Smoked'

Saudi Arabian rap force Riiiiko has teamed up with producers Kriracha and B-Element on his new dark offering 'Get Smoked'. For Riiiiko, the single is a reflective track in which he expresses thoughtful insight into his own reckless behaviour. The track flaunts Riiiiko's seamless flow and unforgettable eerie synths.

Riiiiko shares more on the making of 'Get Smoked':

“Kriracha started with a track trying to encapsulate the Memphis hip hop sound so he started with the sample then added the hard drums and 808’s after that I heard the beat and started writing right away. Kriracha sent the stems to B-Element and he helped organise, co-produce and record and mix the whole track.”

‘Get Smoked’ leads up to his EP ‘Dark Wiiiinter’ (17.03.2022) where he goes even deeper into his current state.



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