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New Release: SPACEJVNKY - 'Blackhole'

SPACEJVNKY release their new single exciting us with a rich and heavy yet super-infectious rock song ‘Blackhole’.

SPACEJVNKY are known for their vibrant and rocky sound merged with punk, rock and rap. This new song clearly proves that they are a force to be reckoned with.

‘Blackhole’ is a catchy song that’s bursting into your ears in the most positive way. The intro already sets the scene for the song. A bit dramatic, rich of sound, and you’re captured immediately. Heavy drums, pulsating bass, and rich guitar riffs roar at us. The vibrant vocals of the lead singer going through every fibre of the body.

It feels like someone turned on the wind machine and you’re standing right in front of it. The punchy sound blows you away.

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