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Arriving just in time for the spooky season, Uncommon People have unveiled their sultry groove-ladened single 'Vampire'.

The Austin TX 5-piece have collaborated with Metallic Forest on the new offering, whose seamless flow floats above the alluring soundscape.

Blending neo-soul sensibilities with pop, rock, rap & RnB, Uncommon People are proving themselves as a boundless musical collective whose genre-bending sound takes them to stratospheric heights.

The song uses a vampire as a metaphor for a toxic lover, band member Zeke delves deeper into the meaning, “She can only take having not much to give. We end up being victims of our temptation for these women but firmly set our position on the matter. Almost tempting the temptress herself; seemingly wanting to tame the 'bad girl.' Her dominance is an infectious force."

Uncommon People began making music in 2020 with their debut single “Feel Something.” Since then, the Alt-Soul/R&B outfit has dropped three EP’s, a handful of singles, and performed live throughout Texas. We can't wait to see what's next! Listen to 'Vampire' below.




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