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Newcastle's Crux make their eagerly-awaited return with 'Empty Home'

Ever since they first emerged, Newcastle-based group Crux have been one of the more revered names to have emerged from the North East in recent years. With this wonderfully inventive approach to the indie-rock sound, they have already cultivated huge support across the UK, and now return once again with their vibrant new single 'Empty Home'.

Marking their first piece of new material so far this year, their latest offering sees them in a renewed and passionate spirit throughout. With its brilliantly bold and driven aesthetic that ebbs and swells throughout, 'Empty Home' see them return with one of their most anthemic releases to date, brimming with fresh and original ideas.

Their general progression may still be on the rise right now, but 'Empty Home' shows that they are quickly cultivating a broad and distinctive sound in which to call their own. With such a warm and inviting presence from start to finish, the four-piece look set to grow even bigger in the months ahead as well.

Enjoy 'Empty Home' below.



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