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Nick Kandler kicks back on the heart-warming new single 'Something For The Weekend'

Ever since he first emerged with his breakthrough debut single 'Closure' back in 2020, LA-based artist Nick Kandler has been on a vibrant run of form. Knocking out fresh and shimmering pop belters at every turn these last few years, he is looking to continue that captivating streak once again as he drops the heart-warming new effort 'Something For The Weekend'.

Transporting us to a warm summer's day, hanging out on the beach and drinking cocktails, 'Something For The Weekend' is a wonderfully rich and inviting new delight from the fast-rising frontman. Channelling some of his wooziest aesthetics to date for this one, he is certainly looking to relax us with such a beautifully endearing offering.

While his repertoire certainly stands as a fresh and progressive array of engaging gems, there is a beautifully warming nature about 'Something For The Weekend' that really stands out from the bunch. Adding another vital layer to his catalogue so far, he is definitely a name we should be getting very familiar with in the months ahead as well.

Enjoy 'Something For The Weekend' below.

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