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Noah Solt Returns with Ethereal Track "Dawn"

Singer/songwriter Noah Solt has returned with his latest single, ‘Dawn,’  out now on Starita Records. The track explores the human condition, enveloping listeners in an expansive and ethereal sound, complete with the fullness of the Muscle Shoals’ FAME Studio band, The Slow Burners. This is just a taste of what is in store from his upcoming debut album, ‘Big Water,’ a further exploration of self-reflection and hope. The track follows Solt’s first four releases, ‘Spheres,’ ‘After All,’ ‘The Fold,’ and ‘Ever Been,’ lauded by critics as noteworthy additions to contemporary chamber pop and acoustic rock in EARMILK, Notion, Wonderland, and CLASH. The releases also received Top 10 placements across 2.3K+ Spotify playlists. Listeners of Led Zeppelin will find a familiar rock and folk edge in “Dawn.”

Raised in the landlocked Colorado Rocky Mountains and having developed skills as a guitarist, Solt’s inherent musical talents found him at Berklee College of Music in Boston during the onslaught of COVID-19. He chose to step away from the clear-cut path of school in 2020, instead opting to follow his heart and become a professional sailor. Along his trips, his music was a guiding force, always with him as he marveled at the vastness, unchecked power, and beauty of the ocean. It became his single greatest inspiration, as he found himself penning the tracks on Big Water with themes of transition that mimicked the sunrise he often watched on his boat. The album deals with finding empowerment to face the challenging unknowns in life, as well as connection in the vast spaces of such unknowns. 

 “I began writing this song while sailing across the Atlantic ocean,” Solt says. “I was inspired by a powerful, unobstructed sunrise and a full-sky gradient of the morning star chasing the night westward. The song is a metaphor about human nature – the brightest sun casts the darkest shadow, and the darkest night has the most beautiful stars. Life is filled with contrast and challenges; there is beauty and value in both the light and dark moments.” 

There are also fundamental elements of jam band acts in ‘Dawn,’ an intentional move by Starita, the producer on this album. He shares that the track, “...builds into a huge jam at the end and I wanted Noah's vocals to sound as if he was screaming from a mountain top. The yodeling quality that we built upon at the end is similar to other productions I've done with an artist from the Gansu area of China near Tibet. The men herd the sheep up through the high mountain tops while the women farm in the valleys. They communicate through a form of yodeling and singing from the mountain and valley.” This otherworldliness is echoed in fairytale-esque flutes heard throughout the track, too. 

Solt concludes ,As an artist, I wanted to capture the feeling of a sun tearing up over the eastern horizon as the sky turns. I hope when fans listen to this song, it cracks a door open for them.”


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