• Ami Row

Not Now Norman Set To Share Electric Single ‘Save Me’

Hailing from Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Not Now Norman have been lighting up the live scene with their signature blend of rock and synth-rock. And now, they are back with another certified banger of a track, ‘Save Me’. Their whole discography boasts a hard rock energy, oozing with distorted guitars and punchy power chords and their upcoming single is no different. If anything, they’ve stepped on the gas. ‘Save Me’ kicks off with an ear bending guitar riff, it sets the tone with all the fire and electricity we’ve come to expect from this four-piece powerhouse.

Taylor Mitchell’s vocals are absolutely outstanding. She embodies the force of a female vocalist as she soars over the perfect sonic storm raging below. Michael Brennan’s drum line cuts through the thick chordal texture like a knife through silk, slapping perfectly amongst the mix and blending with Lara Hindhaugh’s bass movement perfectly.

Everything about ‘Save Me’ is slick, strong and set to blow the roof off when Not Now Norman blast this at their shows.


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‘Save Me’ is out on the 25TH OF FEBRUARY