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  • Paul Riley

NxFxce Debuts Latest Hit Single "bff"

Mysterious US artist NxFxce shares his vision unlike any other emerging name, confidently tapping into experimental rap, pop and other genres too. The end result is an atmospheric soundscape packed with relatable lyrics and distinct melodic vocals as he details his journey as an artist and paints a vision for his listeners through candid storytelling, which delves into topics such as feelings of insecurity and regret. Such openness is captured on his new single, “bff”.

“bff” hears the artist talk about not realising what someone meant until they’re gone. With its infectious hook and NxFxce’s hypnotic vocals fused with a captivating retro production, it makes a strong impression when listening. The track is only NxFxce’s fourth release since his debut earlier this year, but it’s already very apparent what a huge talent he is, with all four singles indicating this is an artist with a bright future who will be one to watch over the next year.

Speaking further on the new release, NxFxce says, “‘bff’ to me is about having someone in your life and realising what they meant to you once they left, whether it be a relationship or a friendship. I actually recently went through a breakup, and I had the beat for some months but couldn’t tap into that emotion, so a week or two after the breakup I took what I was feeling and expressed it.”

“bff” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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