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Ohio artist Henry Blaeser returns with sensational double single 'Quarry'

Carrying the energy of UK Drum & Bass, Ohio artist Henry Blaeser releases unpredictable music that can easily steal your full attention. While sonically evoking an uncanny palette of Americana, Hyperpop and orchestral video game music, Henry Blaeser refuses to be limited to one specific music avenue.

“The Quarry EP is an overall reflection on my struggle to identify genuine trust in most relationships. Friends, family, lovers, everyone. My support circle has ebbed/flowed, even disintegrated to a low after going solo as an artist (not to mention pandemic isolation). I’m not asking for pity here - I feel like most struggle with this to a degree. The other culprit is digital communication - In all forms, & in my opinion, it typically distills & distorts relations & perceptions of others for the lacklustre.

This ties back into other recent relationships - I felt the need to expand upon my experience with difficult/narcissistic people (I’m sure we’ve all been stricken by our fair share) and intersperse bits directed at my last sign of a potential love interest who’s been quite difficult to get in touch with lately.

Juxtaposing these stories of struggle & despair overtop upbeat & optimistic sounding backing tracks encapsulates the overall vision I have for my vocal music, therefore to me being the strongest statement I can make to launch my release schedule for the remainder of the year. I’m also proud of the sound I’ve cultivated - It’s too soft-boy & vanilla to be hyperpop, but too wacky to be formulaic ‘playlist pop’ - to note the primary markets I’m up against.“ - Henry Blaeser

Stream the new track below.

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