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  • Ellie McGuire

OXIME Presents New Album 'Force Fields'

Cecilia Weckstrom is a new entrant lighting up the airwaves who goes by the moniker OXIME. Her signature sound masterfully blends into a genre-defying captivating fusion of atmospheric bass, drum, and electronica. She returns with her brand-new album Force Fields.

The ethereal meets the energy and the eclectic in Force Fields, which explores themes of love, longing, fear, and the drive to transcend. Each track is a chapter in a story of growth and overcoming, tied together by a tight, driving, liquid drum and bass sound that doesn’t lose its expansive, atmospheric essence.

Force Fields, is an invitation into OXIME’s expansive soundscape, where every track is not merely a tune but a narrative. Her self-taught musical journey, which began with programming a Commodore 64 to play classical melodies, finds a rich expression in this album and tracks. Modern synths and textures frequently meet the organic resonance of acoustic instruments, creating a harmonious blend that is as innovative as it is accessible.

OXIME is more than just a name; it's a representation of her way of thinking. It represents the equilibrium—a balancing, a restoration, and a rejuvenation—that music provides to her life and is derived from a class of substances known as antidotes to nerve agents, Force Fields, reflects this philosophy by providing a musical haven with contrasting deep basses. In the 1990s, she moved from her home in Finland to London, but it was more than just a simple relocation—it was an exploration of a vibrant musical scene that coincided with the development of liquid drum and bass. Her unique sound has been greatly impacted by the UK music scene, on the likes of early artists LTJ Bukem, as well as contemporary virtuosos like Four Tet, Bonobo, and Burial.

Force Fields, is proof of this rich convergence of inspirations and experiences; it's more than simply an album; it's a story awaiting telling. In addition to providing music, OXIME urges listeners to voyage through a sonic story on the album that is as distinctive as her journey from a Commodore 64 to a London studio. This album is more than just a selection of songs; it's a well-chosen musical journey that awaits the listener.

“This album consolidates themes I’ve explored over the years, with a deeper, resonant bass bringing a new dimension to the narrative. The title, ‘Force Fields’, reflects the unseen energies that drive us, encapsulated in a sound where organic meets synthetic, all propelled by focused, rhythmic drums. It’s about connecting on a real level, fueling a sense of empowerment and focus to face life’s challenges,” OXIME comments on the album.

OXIME is establishing herself as a recognised name in the music industry. She is well known for her excellent productions, her developing creative skills, and her general love of music, all of which are reflected in her songs.



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