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Papi Shiitake drops woozy and vibrant track "Mexican Moonlight"

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Brooklyn musician Papi Shiitake delivers intensely chilled out track “Mexican Moonlight,” taken from his upcoming album Wabi-Sabi. Accompanied by a music video featuring colourful animation courtesy of enigmatic Chinese artist Sedyrung the summery yet soulful track transports us to a tranquil sonic world.

With a woozy soundscape built on soft grooves and gentle vocals, the lush production was written on the beaches of the Yucatan peninsula in 2020, reflecting the warmth and vibrance of nature.

The atmospheric, laid-back instrumentation compliments the child-like awe brought to life by the engaging visuals.

Speaking of the track, the emerging act said, “Writing on the beach is one of my favorite things to do. The rhythm of the ocean is very inspiring to me. There happened to be a full moon the night I was writing the Mexican Moonlight. I honestly felt like I was writing the song with the moon herself. It was absolutely magical.”

Offering up a hypnotic glimpse at his upcoming record with stunningly easy flowing track, Papi Shiitake continues to establish himself as a rising star.

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