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Perfectparachutepicture are gritty and bold on their new track ‘Don’t Bow’

‘Don’t Bow’ encapsulates everything that Perfectparachutepicture are about- huge riffs, unrivalled energy and nods to Punk and Noise Rock. The two-piece, consisting of bass and drums, have seen vast growth this past year or so, winning the hearts of fans all over the globe with their gritty deliveries and addictive sound.

Speaking about the new track, Perfectparachutepicture share: “'Don't Bow' is a nod towards our early Noise Rock influences. It pulls together angsty Punk vibes and snarling Alt-Rock riffs forming a song full of energy, inspired by the frustration that builds up when you're not listened to by people that only see life from their own perspective. The song is about the worry that you feel when you don't actually know if the choices that you make are good or bad, coming to the conclusion that the only real voice telling you which way to go should be your own.”

The hotly-tipped duo is destined for big things this coming year and if ‘Don’t Bow’ is anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat.

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