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Pop Artist Benny Inspire to Release "Moonlight" 6/9

Pop singer/songwriter Benny Inspire is back with his latest track, “Moonlight,” an ode to the rejuvenating power of nature and love, set for release on June 9th. Inspired by a moment spent on a mountaintop under a full moon beside his wife (aptly named Isis), the track was born from simple acoustic chords and overwhelming feelings. The ballad features a sweet melody and highly anthemic chorus, begging to be sung by the listener: “Shine, shine bright on me.” Bright synths and steady percussion meld with Benny’s vocals, layered harmonies creating an ethereal mood in the bridge. Inspiration from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles is evident.

Benny Inspire, an artist reflective of his name, utilizes his knack for emotive songwriting and his passionate vocals to bring listeners into a brighter world. Ben has transformed his passions and past pain into positive energy, aiming to utilize his music as a tool of empowerment. Throughout his previous releases, “Have I Seen” and “Daydream,” Ben seamlessly connects introspective realizations with modern soundscapes that brush every corner of self reflection and identity. His vocals has been hailed as, “reminiscent of that Freddie Mercury/Robert Plant/Steve Perry day of great singers fronting great rock bands” by John Poppo, former Chairman of the Recording Academy. Through his sonics, Ben hopes to inspire his audience to reach their highest potential.

“Moonlight” has the same sensibilities of a lullaby, a gentle reminder of the guidance that love can bring. Benny shares, “It's about leaning into the ones you love and immersing yourself wholly into them. It is about remembering the natural way of things and the deep feminine and how beautiful she is.”

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