• chloemogg6

Pop songwriter Gem Chantelle returns with radiant single 'Long Way Down'

Another string to the songwriter's bow, Gem Chantelle returns with the latest offering, 'Long Way Down'. A rich pop single that combines Gem's signature sound of ethereal melodies and honest lyricism, this empowering songwriter has star-quality written all over her. Combining a big guitar influence throughout with her infectious pop attire, 'Long Way Down' is best described as cinematic and sounds like something straight off a coming-of-age blockbuster.

Speaking about the release, Gem Chantelle explains, “I wrote ‘Long Way Down’ about a relationship where the person was there for me physically, but not emotionally. It was easy to lose sight of that fact when you get caught up in the passion. That’s what inspired me to write this track”.

Always destined to be a part of the music industry, Gem shares, “I love making music. There’s no better feeling to me than writing a song that perfectly captures what I’m feeling.”