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Powers of the Monk return with the breezy new single 'Firefly'

Over the last two decades, Detroit-based folk duo Powers Of The Monk have stood as one of the more alluring names on the scene. With a fresh and passionate approach to their sound, they are now looking to follow-up their highly-praised 2022 EP 'Freight Train' with the beautifully alluring new single 'Firefly'.

Honing more of that warm and spirited direction they have always looked to adopt, 'Firefly' makes for another dazzling entry into their already prolific catalogue to date. With a sweet and humbled approach to both the songwriting and production, these two are returning with a truly wondrous effort here.

Having already showcased some beautifully rich and immersive works these last few years, 'Firefly' is one of those releases you need to turn back on as soon as it's over. With such a wonderfully embracing appeal from start to finish, they are definitely a name we need to keep a close eye on in the months ahead.

Enjoy 'Firefly' below.



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