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EXCLUSIVE: Pennyweather shares a new visualizer for latest single "Cocaine Dreams"

This anonymous Brisbane-based songwriter has spent the last half of 2020 cementing his name as an artist to watch.

Launching his solo project in April, pennyweather has displayed a real knack for creating

undeniable grooves that comfortably straddle the indie and commercial pop divide,

demonstrating a flair for melody and lyrics that continues to wow listeners from his growing

audience. Today, he premieres a new visualizer with Flex for his latest single, "Cocaine Dreams".

Pennyweather closed out 2020 in dramatic fashion with what he believes is his best

track yet, in a bid to be in the ears and on the minds of fans and industry players alike. "Cocaine Dreams", a heady hip-hop pop production takes listeners on a journey that will soothe you with its lush vibes and punchy beat, take your heart on a soaring ride with its evocative lyrics, and possibly leave you gasping at the end of it all with what you've just heard and where you've just been.

"Cocaine Dreams is about finding and trusting someone to love, the high of that connection, and

the feeling of abandonment and isolation when it crumbles through your fingers and turns to dust.

The questions, the replaying of conversations, and the desperate attempt to bury the pain and

rise again."

- Pennyweather

Racking up impressive streaming numbers with each new release, pennyweather keeps surprising us with his versatility, having already given us everything from soulful R&B with "Spinnin" and "How High", to minimalist indie pop with "Coming of the Storm", and undeniable good-time feels on "Love Cat" and "Flick it".

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