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Prolific Experimental-Popper Lia Hide Returns With Moody New Single 'Uterus Will'

Updated: May 20, 2022

Prolific Experimental-Pop artist Lia Hide is back yet again with another stunning piece of art on the new single 'Uterus Will'. Taken from her latest album 'The Missing Fourth Guest', the track captures Lia at her dark and moody best while she trades her signature soaring vocals for spoken word adding a striking edge to the track.

Uncomfortable yet beautiful as with much of her material, 'Uterus Will' incorporated an air of Jazz into her distinctive Electronic-Pop-Come-Trip-Hop sound. Melancholic and yet up-tempo in a subtle way with its shuffling be and swelling synths, there's a definite element of Potishead captured on the track, a warming soundscape with an experimental edge that keeps it intriguing listen after listen.

Speaking about the meaning behind 'Uterus Will' Lia explains: "Lover to lover, random thoughts on death, loss and life. A woman who has yet to be a mother. A daughter who lost her father-in-law. Cars driving fast and halting abruptly in the illuminated night streams. Lego bricks and the fear of dementia. An electro-pop dark song, reminiscent of 80s Anne Clark, dressed up with jazzy bass and trumpet solos and wrapped up in a Tori Amos fragile ending.”

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