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psykhi unleashes his one of a kind post-punk sound in 'Dry'

psykhi is a highly decorated and string singer-songwriter and artist who possesses a sonic vision unlike many you've heard before. The London based Ghanian has had many successes along his musical journey so far, crafting together post-punk, indie rock and pop influences with his potent songwriting ability to make for an epic, captivating offering.

In his newest single 'Dry' he seeps us into a lo-fi introduction, before the song takes many twists and turns, from interesting panned and layered guitars to then transcending into a full band sound, with psykhi's vocals at the forefront of it all. 'Dry' is a melancholic yet angsty delivery, full of quirky production moments throughout that make it such a compelling song from start to finish.

It's easy to see why psykhi has built up the audience and following that he has, fusing unconventional genres together to make something truly special and deeply resonating. The outro is the primary example, where the song builds back up in such an invigorating and signature way from this one of a kind artist. Check out 'Dry' to hear for yourself.

Stream 'Dry' here:

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