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R.L King Releases Late Night Track "Temptation"

Teaming up with RINI, R.L King has released his latest R&B anthem. It’s slow, sexy and completely addictive.

The track features a deep bass line and a delightful melody in the form of an electric piano. The vocals flow like a tranquil stream and lend to the beautiful backdrop effortlessly. Coming together as a final product in harmony, Temptation is R&B perfection.

Speaking to its meaning, King explains, ‘Temptation’ is a song about human nature and the feeling/action of giving in to earthly desires.” Both the lyrics and instrumental cement this point.

King has proved himself with every release, consistently high-performing with every output. With an album already under his belt (Love, Bermuda) and having amassed a great number of streams, King is an artist on the rise.

Temptation is part of his latest E.P Worldstar. King is definitely one to watch in the new year, big things should be expected.

Listen to Temptation here:

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