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Rain Jamerson to Release LP "A House Where the Light Is Master" 11/10

Credit: Davey Moor

Indie soul/funk artist Rain Jamerson has arrived with his debut album, A House Where the Light Is Master, set for release on November 10th. The ten track feat is infused with his signature lyrical positivity and feel-good grooves. Smooth guitar riffs, funky bass, and moody vocals create the chill atmosphere Jamerson has become known for. This body of work is entirely self-made, with tracks written, performed, and recorded in his home studio in Ireland. Listeners of Jungle, Mayer Hawthorne and George Clinton will find themselves gravitating towards Jamerson’s unique blend of old and new.

Based in Dublin, Rain Jamerson is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Luke Fitzgerald. His inspiration is derived from the soul and funk of the 60s and 70s, paired with a modernized twist. Devoted to creating “funky cosmic sounds,” Jamerson explores spirituality in most of his songwriting. Simple refrains beg to be sung, while a closer listen easily reveals uplifting mantras. By combining elements of hip-hop, electro, R&B, and pop with a deeply intimate lyrical style, he brings new cool to the old school. “You won’t start livin’ till you’re ready to die,” he professes on the jam-infused track “Fear Less.”

A House Where the Light Master Is explores themes of love and healing as a means of moving away from trauma and fear. “The intention I had when making this album was to explore who I am, or who I think I am,” Jamerson shares.

Standout single “Blessings” was written as a personal message to always center kindness. After time spent in Malawi, Jamerson received a handmade acoustic guitar from a man who shares the same name as the track. He finished a half-written demo on that guitar, ultimately titling it after his serendipitous encounter. It is about, “ yourself over to the magic of the Universe.” He reminds the listener that there are “blessings waiting for you, my friend,” over a danceable, steady drum beat and energetic bass lines.

Speaking on the LP as a whole, Jamerson shares, “What I found through the process of recording these songs is that I am not who I thought I was. I am not my job, I am not the things I own, I am not my past, I am just the energy that flows through me.”

Follow Rain Jamerson: Website | Spotify | Instagram | YouTube

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