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Red Shakes releases irresistible new single 'Borrowed Time'

Red Shakes is the moniker of Sam Da Silva, a musical project that is backed by three musicians. The band has a dedicated and loyal fan base in the North of England. One of the reasons for this could be that the audience sees the band in themselves, British culture and growing up is prominent in their music, allowing their audience to find solace within their infectious tunes.

Their latest single "Borrowed Time" is an irresistible new offering. Playful drums pierce through the mix whilst guitars ebb and flow between each other creating a colourful pot of melodies. Vocals are distinctive, emotional and land perfectly on top of the rest of the track, fully showcasing their signature sound.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Sam Da Silva shares: “I love the guitars in the song. We made them bright and poppy and overall it gives the song a really upbeat vibe which I think suits the lyrics- as they are tongue and cheek at times.”

During live shows, Red Shakes creates a sound comparable to the indie rock scene of the 2000s and pop rock bands of the 60’s. Using big catchy choruses and magnetic stage presence, Red Shakes puts on a captivating and energetic show to ensnare audiences.

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