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Red Telephone channel an immersive energy on their debut album 'Hollowing Out'

Photo: Faith Clarke

Throughout the last few years, Cardiff-based outfit Red Telephone have been steadily building and cultivating a unique direction to call their own. Venturing down a diverse and explorative path at almost every turn, they have finally settled on a firm and shimmering aesthetic, illustrated by their newly unveiled debut album 'Hollowing Out'.

Self-described as "ranging from Berlin-era Bowie, brooding synth-led film soundtracks such as Blade Runner and Uncut Gems, the art rock of Kate Bush and St Vincent, as well as modern electronic pop artists such as MGMT, Mitski and Tame Impala", there is certainly a lot to unpack on this new full-length.

In short, 'Hollowing Out' sees the band pursue a warm and effervescent atmosphere, permeated with moments of vibrant joy and intrigue throughout. Honing a post-punk era sound that branches out into electronic eccentricities from time to time, they bring a wonderfully fresh and inviting appeal to their new collection.

Arriving in the wake of some of their more adventurous offerings these last few years, 'Hollowing Out' looks to cement their dynamic legacy to date, and breathe life into their already otherworldly ideals.

Red Telephone's debut album 'Hollowing Out' is available to stream now, and can be enjoyed in full below.

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