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  • FLEX Staff

Review: Black Sands 'Fearless'

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

California-bred and Amsterdam-based artist Black Sands returns with his new Halloween inspired single 'Fearless'. Teaming up with Nashville artist Trenton, the pair seamlessly blend together generic elements from Rock, R&B and Electro-Pop to create a unique and immersive soundscape.

Drawing inspiration from Halloween, and a darker sonic energy; the rock-led instrumentation is accompanied by a dynamic range of echoey electro-synth melodies and powerful, distorted vocals. With an unpredictable and eclectic artistry, the song constructs a sound that can be defined as Nine Inch Nails meets Imagine Dragons.

In discussing the inspiration behind the song, and it’s sonic influence, Black Sands explains "With Fearless we wanted to write something haunting and dystopian that really made you feel the tension or impending fear of something coming. But where we wanted to bring an unexpected element to the track is through the lyrics and vocal delivery”.

Reflecting on the notion of overcoming fear and facing your demons, “Fearless” perfectly embodies this through the dramatic ebbs and flows, and explosive crescendos, of the melody. However despite the darker edge to the song; it simultaneously leaves you feeling empowered and free.

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