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REVIEW: AMAVA - Third Degree

Emotionally raw and beyond beautiful.

Showing us all a new side of her seemingly endless talent, American budding alt-pop star AMAVA has recently revealed her spellbinding new single Third Degree. With it's delicate and delectable soundscape, and cinematic atmosphere, this unforgettable listen allows for AMAVA's song writing skills to take centre stage.

“I wrote Third Degree at a time where I was holding on to a lot of bitterness over people who weren’t going to therapy for the reasons I was in therapy. I’ve worked on it and moved on but the line ‘send your location please and I’ll send you a bill for all this fucking therapy,’ is probably as direct as you can get.”

Steering away from the high tempo and rebellious dance-pop anthems she has become known for, this exquisitely delicate track submerges you into the bewitching world she has expertly crafted.

“I have a flair for the melodrama of it all, so I wrote the most poetic, pretty song about the clinical cure I was partaking in. I wanted the whole song to sound like it was decaying and falling apart (to emulate how I was feeling at the time) and it goes up to the last chorus where you can quite literally hear it ‘go up in flames’.”

Letting us into the private world of AMAVA, this unmissable single will stick with you long after you hit play.

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