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  • Ellie McGuire

Review: Andrew Pattie ‘You Are’

Updated: Jun 21

“‘You Are’ deals with acceptance. Acceptance of yourself. A dialogue fighting with who we feel we should be against how our society and surroundings expect us to act. To have continued to be a musician through the last 11 years has been a struggle for me. Not only financially but with my mental health. I look at these musical creations as a way to repair myself. To find ways of communicating difficult and abstract feelings in music, lyrics, and mood.”

Andrew Pattie is taking the indie synth-pop world by storm. With his latest single ‘You Are’, he demonstrates his developing sound and stronger bond with his listeners.

He showcases that he can write engaging lyrics, captivating melodies, and compelling productions. Andrew Pattie’s ability to blend many genres and his deep musicianship make ‘You Are’ an engrossing listen that gives the indie synth-pop genre much more depth.

His experience as a multi-instrumentalist, performer, and songwriter can be seen on ‘You Are’. Feeling one part commercial and one part experimental from beginning to end, Andrew Pattie’s new single sits as one of the most fascinating outings from the year so far.

Andrew Pattie’s new single ‘You Are’ is a testament to his extraordinary music discography.

Be sure to check out, ‘You Are’:



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