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REVIEW: Andreww - Surprise

Sticking to his creative roots up-and-coming British artists Andreww has unveiled his latest single, Surprise. Refusing to be pencilled into the boundaries of one genre or another, this new release has a refreshingly contemporary tone throughout. Lighter and brighter than his most recent offerings this dynamic track still manages to feel true to the grunge inspired sound we have come to expect from Andreww.

“As I'm getting older I'm thinking more about the notion of time and if you're not careful days bleed into months and months bleed into years and before you know it you haven’t been part of your own life. Regarding the sound of the new song I wanted to try something a bit different but still make sure it has my signature sound and I really think that we managed to do that. ”

The music video, consisting of a combination of theatrical and live performances, is as dramatic and engaging as the track itself. Visually building with the track, the dynamic scenes brilliantly convey the emotions behind the track.

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