• gareth982

Review: Ci Majr - Summer Drug

Ci Majr marks her 2021 entrance with addictive indie-pop single Summer Drug. The song explores a unique perspective on the break up period whilst remaining a get up and dance anthem.

Shimmering synths, rolling drum beats, groove etched basslines and dance ready rhythms meld together to set the perfect backdrop to Ci’s powerful voice. Through the use of her dynamic instrumentation, paired with the soulful guidings of her vocals, Ci has created a song that mirrors the roller coaster emotions of a break up perfectly.

Ci commented on the inspiration behind the song, “Lyrically the inspiration was being in a place where you basically refuse to make yourself romantically vulnerable even though you've met a person who has boyfriend/girlfriend potential. I think a lot of us have been in a place where we've been hurt from a relationship and have a hard time opening up again, so even when a good thing comes around you keep them at an arm’s length to keep yourself from getting hurt. So this song is saying ‘yes, you can absolutely satisfy my physical needs but we're not taking it further than that’; likening ‘using’ someone for their body just like you'd use a drug of some sort.”

Creating music that is infused with elements of inspiration from a wide range of artists including Justin Timberlake, Christine & The Queens and Alicia Keys, Majr has developed a unique style of music full of rich soundscapes and gleaming pop melodies. Ci has been forever in love with pop music, seeing it as the culmination of the best elements of all genres and sounds, and her music is the resounding proof of this theory.

Summer Drug is the first single of her much anticipated debut EP Side Effects, a promising example of what to expect from her in the future.

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