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REVIEW: Laurel Smith - Out The Cage

Sleek, stylish and filled to the brim with untamed swagger. Laurel Smith's brand new single Out the Cage commands your attention from the very off. This North London based rising star is making serious moves with the accompanying music video directed by Jeremie Brivet and Jai Garcha.

With her signature blend of dark electro-pop and edgy narratives, Out the Cage is just the latest in a line of infectious tracks from the up-and-coming artist since her debut in 2019 with Mona Lisa. Taking influence from a number of remarkable and powerful female artists, Laurel Smith has perfected her signature bad-ass and provocative aesthetic and sound that combines the surreal aspects of video games with Hollywood glamour.

"Out The Cage is a song about breaking out from your constraints, both physical and mental. Although it can be interpreted in any way, when I wrote it I created a story around a bored housewife, falling out of love with her husband, she fantasises about tying him up and leaving him to be a badass assassin in a video game type world, roaming the city at night and living a life of unpredictability and excitement”

Having only been releasing music for a couple years, Laurel Smith is already putting her own unique and captivating stamp on the pop music scene. With the style, and substance to boot, of an artist well beyond her years it is hard to imagine just what is next for Smith.

You can follow Laurel Smith on Twitter | Instagram | TikTok


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