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REVIEW: R.O.E - 'Higher'

Los Angeles-based artist R.O.E. (Rising Over Envy) creates music with a strong narrative in mind. His releases are personal and reflective, drawing on life experiences to shape his artistry.

His new single “Higher” is further indication of this. A slice of expressive, jazz-influenced hip-hop from the Chicago native, R.O.E’s art is self-assured and expressive.

“Although ‘Higher’ may be about my love for cannabis, it also represents going higher in mind, body, and spirit”, R.O.E explains. “The hook is an affirmation of wanting to raise your frequency and to connect with your higher self.”

R.O.E.’s music tackles the everyday eventualities that he faces, offering a stirring perspective on the world around him. With new music to follow, we're excited for what's to come.

Tune in.



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