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REVIEW: Rav - 'I'm on to Me'

Multifaceted rapper Rav is an artist born from the internet age. His sounds is a mix of hip-hop and intricate beats, all stirred in with his candid and reflective lyricism.

With a decade’s worth of artistic creations behind him, Rav’s new project I’M ON TO ME is a necessary cumulation of his craft. Written, performed and produced by Rav himself, the project's lead single “Dead End” is a wonderful showcase of his craft and creative agency.

“That was the turning point for me. That's when it became clear to me that there was indeed no light at the end of the path I was on.” Rav recalls. The accompanying music video, directed by honey__jd, guides us down alleyways and dimly lit streets as we're led into Rav's psyche from 2020.

I'M ON TO ME is his latest journal entry set in a year already plagued with political turmoil and social injustices. "A lot of shit happened in my personal life this year, and at a time when I was already emotionally preoccupied with trying to confront previously unexplored childhood trauma", he offers. "I usually make jazz rap or whatever you want to call it, but with all this unaddressed anguish and anxiety, I didn't really know how to contextualize it all within that type of sound."

The project is a blisteringly honest review of his own setbacks - refreshing and intimate in its candour.

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