• abbie037

REVIEW: Seth King - Numb

Viral rock musician Seth King brings us his latest release “Numb” off of his forthcoming EP “2020 got me feeling like”.

Hailing from Australia, Seth’s musical journey has taken him all over the world. After a song of his achieved viral fame in Bali though, he moved there to follow his dream.

Working with producer Nate Kohrs on this release, Seth King’s rock style is tinged with pop too, with a driving kick giving the track a danceable edge. The vocals mesh perfectly with the soaring guitars, and Seth’s lyrics are poignant and emotional.

The idea behind the song, and indeed his forthcoming EP, is extremely apt for 2020 and the continued global events/catastrophes. This adds to the impact and emotion with which the lyrics are sung and the listener hears them. This is one of the reasons why “Numb”, and subsequently “2020 got me feeling like” are set for such universal appeal.

“I wanted to be someone who cared about the world…, but with 2020, the fires, hurricanes, human rights breaches and a global pandemic, I found myself becoming numb to it all.” But “I woke up at 3am one morning and realised I don’t want to be numb in this world.”

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