• abbie037

REVIEW: Stone Fruit - Second Guess

London-based duo Stone Fruit have unveiled their latest offering, 'Second Guess'. Serving as their first release of the year, this enchanting and endlessly ethereal track consists of haunting melodies and a sweeping soundscape. Divulging the meaning behind this delicate and deeply moving track, they shared: "The ethereal sounds and storyline are exploring and commenting on themes magnified during the pandemic, such as doubt and self-reflection.”

Drawing on influences from a range of genres such as Soul, Pop, R&B and Electronic Music, this eclectic and transformative track will captivate the heart of its every listener. When asked about their sonic influences behind their latest release: “'Second Guess' is the first single of our third EP. Across our previous releases, we have explored different sounds influenced by soul, pop and electronic music."

Having both worked on numerous different projects, their longstanding friendship saw them once again unite to create this mesmerising project. Discussing the creative process behind 'Second Guess' and the other tracks off their upcoming EP: "Although in this EP we had the pleasure to collaborate with and feature some amazing musicians, we chose 'Second Guess' to be our first single as it best captures the creative process of our duo. Written, recorded and produced in our home studio, this single is an electro-folk minimalistic track influenced by the likes of Ry X and London Grammar. "

With more tracks to come from this duo in the coming months, we are resting on the edge of our seats to see what magical listening experience they provide us next.

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