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REVIEW: Theo Lee - I'll Be Fine feat. Jenna Noelle

Having made his debut earlier this year, Indonesian American artist Theo Lee has joined forces with singer-songwriter Jenna Noelle and artist Rowlan for his latest release, “I’ll Be Fine”.

The playful track, “I’ll Be Fine”, boasts a melodic and uptempo beat throughout. Jenna Noelle’s vibrant and engaging vocals shine through alongside the gentle rap verses to create a dynamic and captivating soundscape.

“‘I’ll be fine’ is a song about letting go of toxic relationships and embracing change. It’s a playful, somewhat sassy take on a break up song.”

While Theo Lee only began releasing his own music earlier this year he has been involved in music his whole life, with both of his parents performing at church and learning to play the piano at aged four. While he may have dropped out of Manhattan School of Music his endless passion is clear to see. Having since focused his time on honing his skills and creating the best sonic experience he can, it is clear to see that Theo Lee will be an artist to watch in the coming years!

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