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REVIEW: Yarlie - 'Blush'

Swedish artist Yarlie crafts pop songs you can cry dance to. Following the release of her pounding pop hit “Wreck”, the flashing neon lights of the club have dimmed and it's time for the honest and fragile afterparty. Let "Blush" take you there.

Her vulnerable second single is filled with lush synths and glittering electronics - a question of love, desire and heart ache. Whereas “Wreck” analysed the end of a tumultuous relationship, “Blush” is the uneven pounding of your heart when it doesn't really know how to feel - a lyrical landscape shifting between heartbreak and dizzying euphoria.

“When you've become so close to somebody that you've almost turned into one, when you know somebody so well that you're able to understand and hear that person without them saying a thing. Yarlie explains. “It's easy to tell when something's changed. When something's not right. For me, that intimacy and vulnerability, that's what ‘Blush’ is about.”

Splitting her time between Stockholm’s vibrant city centre and the north of Sweden, Yarlie is inspired by dark club rooms and icy cold mornings.

Tune in.

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