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REYKO share their new musical direction with their sophomore album ‘Pulse’

After causing a viral stir with their electropop sound and first album, London duo REYKO return with a new vision that draws influence from electroclash and post-punk. Fusing Soleil’s signature hushed vocals with powerful, edgy guitar sounds, REYKO are here to prove that we’ve only seen the start of what their creativity has to offer.

Talking about the new album, REYKO share: “As soon as we finished our debut album, we were clear that we wanted our second album to be urgent, direct, immediate and asking to be played live. We wanted the next album to be kind of our first album's “mischievous younger brother” - the 1st album being more dreamy, introspective and “dark pop”. We felt like showing a more driving, eccentric and uncompromising side to our music. We have been influenced quite a bit by electro-clash and post-punk from artists such as Goldfrapp and Peaches. With the whole pandemic thing happening during this last year, it feels even more right for us to make an album that's meant to be played in a room full of people or a festival.”

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