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Rich Lown Delivers Show-stopping Piano Ballad 'Place Where I Call Home’

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The latest release from prolific songwriter Rich Lown, 'Place Where I Call Home’, subtly builds from one piano key to an arrangement of a ballad reminiscent of the classics.

The essence of a true ballad remains in the voice taking the lead to later submerge into every piano key played. Rich Lown’s new single fulfils precisely this, and more when it comes to perfecting a piano led ballad.

Lown’s velvet-like voice wraps around the ear quicker than the listener can even grasp. What makes the song even more likeable are the verses – the lyricism revolving around the notion of a new beginning and the constraints that come with such an embarkment.

The likes of many have telescoped onto Rich Lown and what he has to offer in the world of music. His new single coming out in dual versions – piano and guitar – make his reach farther than those sticking to one.

Lown’s undeniable talent has a trend of being recognised. He has marked his presence at several musical festivals – a feat that pushes the artist to an exposure of thousands of people. At the ‘Open Mic UK’ he exited as one of the finalists in the competition. On being featured, and further recognition, he’s been spotlighted by artists such as Gavin Rossdale and Hanson after he covered their songs in his time during lockdown.

Rich Lown is a promise of versatility and his latest release and accompanying music video are undeniable proof of that. Both out now.

Watch and listen to 'Place Where I Call Home’ right here:

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