• joe3636

Richie Gathu delivers summertime pop jam 'Cosa Nostra'

We are always in need of a feel-good, sunshine-y dose of summer pop, and London based artist Richei Gathu has this in spades. Combining a rich heritage of Africa and Bristol where he was born, he embeds his roots firmly into the music he creates, blending a subtle yet charming mixture of sounds and sonics.

Coming in hot with his third release of the year, 'Cosa Nostra' immediately jets you off to that paradise island we all love and crave. You can almost feel the heat radiating from Richie's impressive lyricism and a clear talent of finding a groove and playing with it incessantly. It's acoustic guitar lines with hook ridden riffs, with Richie's intelligent rapping which completely sets the scene for this exciting, ambient style of music.

There is a clear energy and direction with Richie's style and the way he performs with such ease and grace. With his sights set firmly on increasing his genre of music further afield, there is now doubt that this rising rapper can accomplish this and way more.

“I don't think there's anyone I've played the song to that hasn't sung the chorus by the end of the second verse. That's what makes this song very special to me, It's like a damn drug, and has a lotta quotables! When I first created the song, I didn't realise just how magnetic it would be. I still can't stay still any time I listen to it.” - Richie Gathu