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Rising Artist Yilly Ruel Uncovers Phenomenal New Track “God Bless The Kid”

Yilly Ruel, the talented Angolan UK-based rapper and songwriter renowned for his unique blend of hip-hop/rap and African percussion rhythms, is captivating audiences with his exhilarating sound experience. Having already achieved a significant milestone by securing third place among 10,000 entries in the prestigious Open Mic UK 2019 competition at the iconic O2 Arena in London, Yilly is set to leave an indelible mark on the global music scene.

With unwavering dedication to his craft, he aims to share his inspiring message through soul-stirring tracks such as his brand-new single, "God Bless The Kid". Standing out with its fusion of infectious rhythms, African influences and impressive lyricism, the track serves as a testament to Yilly’s artistic journey and the progress in life he has made and will continue to make.

Speaking further on the new single, Yilly says, “It is the audio bio of my artistic journey. I always felt the need to write a song about a new chapter of my life, and ‘God Bless The Kid’ represents that. This is my sound, my roots and my goals. I am aiming where I want to be and asking my parents to just pray and believe in the process as my journey progresses. There is a line where I say in Portuguese, ‘Não compreendes eu nasci no beco, até tinha teto, probreza aqui perto desse preto’, which is explaining that you won’t understand where I came from. I saw poverty around me, small house – at least I had a roof, but it was not easy, so this song represents the narrative of my life that I am about to change.”

Yilly's musical identity is deeply rooted in his Angolan heritage, which he proudly showcases on "God Bless The Kid". The track features the remarkable talents of several musicians from Angola – guitarist Rubson Chipopa, pianist Edmilson and producer Frenchie, who all lend their skills to create a taste of Angolan culture.

As Yilly Ruel continues to evolve as an artist, he aims to inspire others to embark on their own transformative journeys. While he never forgets his roots, he is ready to share his unique vision and deliver more compelling music to the world.

“God Bless The Kid” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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