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RJ Thompson unveils the rousing new single 'Forest Fires'

Following on from the glorious success behind his recently unveiled offerings 'Rescue You', 'Feel Alive', 'Super 8', and 'Your Money Or Your Life', singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist RJ Thompson returns once again to deliver his rousing new single 'Forest Fires'.

Offering up more of that warm and humble folk-pop aesthetic he is known for, 'Forest Fires' continues his pursuit of sweet and serenading compositions from start to finish. With his light and soaring voice riding a bed of tender acoustic-led production throughout, he has once again swept us off our feet with this one.

Speaking about the new track, he said, “The song is about the start of a relationship... about how there are a million reasons not to start something but you never know where something might lead if you just try.”

Accompanied by a stunning new video, directed by Ian West, which was captured in one single shot in the bedroom studio scene that also features artwork of RJ’s forthcoming album.

Adding, “This video represents my experience of writing the album, alone in my room with a guitar or a piano, dreaming of a bigger, grander world outside my window. Time progresses, things change around me, seasons change, people come and go. But the song gets written and this big cinematic world appears in the room.”

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