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Rob Giles captivates on his wondrous new album 'Meditation Drive-Thru'

Having already made a name for himself as a collaborator for the likes of Andy Summers of The Police, Lisa Loeb, Sara Ramirez, The Rescues and many more over the years, Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Rob Giles has always managed to create a distinctive direction for himself. And with an immersive array of gems under his belt these last few years, he now returns to deliver his wondrous fifth studio album 'Meditation Drive-Thru'.

Harking back to those tender aesthetics that first brought eyes and ears in his direction, his newest outing is a beautifully warm and enriching delight. With his passionate vocal style playing effortlessly with a sweeping production at every turn, 'Meditation Drive-Thru' is not just a confident return, but one that adds weight and levity to his already immersive catalogue to date.

While there has never been any denying the talent and ingenuity he has shown over the years, 'Meditation Drive-Thru' feels like a bold step forward in his musical evolution to date. Brimming with warmth and emotion throughout, Rob Giles continues to ascend as a true innovator on the rise today.

Enjoy 'Meditation Drive-Thru' below.

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