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  • Ellie McGuire

Ruby Cannon Presents New EP 'Ruby and the Cannons'

This year has been incredibly welcoming for Ruby Cannon within the music industry. After playing Laneway Festival back in February alongside Phoebe Bridgers, HAIM, and many more, she has cemented herself in Melbourne’s surf rock scene.

When Ruby Cannon was seven years old, her father gave her the first guitar she had ever owned in the seaside hamlet of Phillip Island. Following her high school graduation, she enrolled at JMC Academy to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree. It was then that she first started penning songs that were influenced by her favorite bands, Fleetwood Mac, The Velvet Underground, and The Rolling Stones. She quickly discovered her sound amid the surfy, desert dream of the ‘70s that she lives in.

Ruby and the Cannons, is a four-track offering that was written during the COVID-19 pandemic, when Melbourne had the strictest lockdown laws. Three years ago, Ruby Cannon composed the tunes using an acoustic guitar. It was upon the formation of her band that these tunes entered their flourishing grounds.

The EP infuses genres of indie, surf-rock, desert, and 70’s sound with an energetic and happy vibe present upon each track. The production of the tunes features acoustic guitars, electric guitars, drums, synths, bass guitar, and Ruby Cannon’s captivating vocals.

On the song, Ruby Cannon says: “I’m so excited to be finally releasing music that really feels like me, these songs are the sound I’ve been trying to find for a long time.”



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