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Sabrina Movitz captivates on her enchanting debut EP 'How It Works Out'

When she released her debut single 'Coming Down' last year, Washington DC's Sabrina Movitz was greeted as one of the more alluring names to arrive at that time. Capturing some wonderfully warm and playful ideals throughout, she now looks to continue that positive ascent as she delivers her enchanting debut EP 'How It Works Out'.

Exploring more of those warm and shimmering textures she first arrived with, 'How It Works Out' sees her build and develop a rousing initial collection, brimming with sweet and emotive tones from start to finish. Pursuing the themes of self-loathing, self-reliance, growing up, and growing apart, her new release is a powerfully engaging offering that quickly cements her as one of the more exciting names on the rise today.

While that first single perfectly set the gears in motion for what we to come, 'How It Works Out' fulfils those original expectations with style and finesse at every turn. Showing that she has plenty of captivating ideas and auras in which to explore amongst these new gems, this is a release that we are definitely going to be coming back to again and again.

Enjoy 'How It Works Out' below.


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