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Sam Stokes releases exciting new single ‘The Sun & The Moon’

Sam Stokes has shown off her extraordinary song writing abilities to gain her a following on streaming services over the past year of releases. Fully self-produced, Sam is now setting out to release her debut solo album ‘Common Ground’, which promises to show off all the musicianship and innovation we’ve come to expect.

Leading with dynamic acoustic guitar chords, ‘The Sun & The Moon’, the latest from Sam Stokes, creates a fresh atmosphere with its lyricism and performance. Sam captures you with a half-spoken half-sung storytelling, with sprinklings of harmonious backing vocals building us into new sections with angelic qualities. The acoustic guitar is backed up by energetic but reserved percussion, helping to move us through the story. This live feel, with all the polish of a recorded track is signature of Sam Stokes, consistently being the perfect woman for the job when armed with this soundscape.

Sam shares, "Have you ever met someone and forgot the moment you became friends or lovers or both? You meet and realise you've been friends for years, if not lifetimes already. You might not know much in this world, but your love for one another is as constant as the sun and the moon."



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