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Samuel Blaney releases blissful and tender acoustic folk sophomore 'Paradise'

Samuel Blaney, a singer and songwriter whose music effortlessly bridges the realms of nature and music, has graced us with his sophomore single, 'Paradise.' Following the ethereal 'Ember,' which painted a vivid picture of the shift from winter to spring, 'Paradise' continues his journey of musical exploration through the changing seasons. With this release, Blaney invites us to witness the transformation of our world, from the vivacious greens of summer to the multi-faceted tapestry of amber, ochre, and vermillion in autumn.

'Paradise' serves as a precious ode to the evanescent moments of autumn. Blaney's lyrics convey a deep appreciation for this season, describing it as a "gentle holding of fine threads," a cherishing of echoes, and a delicate interplay of fading and glowing - a true reflection of the essence of autumn.

What sets Blaney's work apart is the intentional connection between 'Ember' and 'Paradise.' These two songs are not isolated releases but rather interconnected chapters in a larger narrative. Born from moments of feeling lost, Blaney creates music that doesn't reflect his current emotional state but rather how he envisions emotions could feel. He openly embraces romantic, feminine, intimate, and loving lyrics, creating a sense of completeness within the music. It's a journey that begins with his voice, and he then invites other sounds to complete the experience.

In 'Paradise,' Samuel Blaney invites us to embrace the changing seasons and the interconnectedness of nature, love, and music. His artistry beautifully blurs the lines between these worlds, creating a sonic reverie that captivates the senses and stirs the soul. 'Paradise' is a harmonious reminder of the beauty that surrounds us, both in the world and in our emotions.

Stream 'Paradise' now:

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